The world is changing rapidly. Let us choose to be the conscious actors of these changes, by building, each one at our level, by our ideas, our decisions and our actions, the world we want.

We are product, service and policy designers and our mission is to accompany concretely all those who want to contribute to the evolutions of the world.


YES, we can act, on a daily basis, we can innovate and make new ideas come true. Businesses and communities, decision-makers and users, producers and consumers, designers, partners and customers. Together, all actors.




We are designers. Whether we work on services, products or policies, we want to make beautiful artefacts with good things and good things with beautiful things. For us, designing a service is also to imagine its materialization... And when we draw a product it is by remaining attentive to all the needs — even unspoken — of its future users and to the benefit that it will bring to all.


Stimulating the right idea is a useful method. Identifying and grasping it when it arises unexpectedly is also essential. More than a know-how, creativity is for us an essential ingredient of any project. We know how to cultivate and mobilize it: that of our designers, of course, but also that of the users, the customer teams, the partners.


A successful project is a concrete project. That is why we are constantly monitoring innovation in many sectors. Who knows in advance what may be useful? What will overcome a barrier, an impossibility? Technological innovations but also innovations in the management of constraints, project management, information, etc. We propose, we experiment and integrate everything that can facilitate the realization of a benefit.