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RATP GROUPE (Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration)

Urbanopolis Lab

Urbanopolis, the RATP group's network of innovation centres, aims to respond to one of the group's strategic challenges: developing fresh ideas for the city of tomorrow and its inhabitants.

Federated by the Hub, this network of Labs intends to capture the best ideas and speed up innovation. The goal is simple: to rapidly test the sustainability of an innovation, design its business model and lay the foundations for its rapid and optimal development.


The Urbanopolis Lab entrusts Yellow Window to lead co-design workshops around initiatives emanating from the group's departments and subsidiaries.



Yellow Window's DNA as a designer is to develop "tailor-made" facilitation tools enabling to align the different stakeholders of the initiative to be explored, inspire with an outside view and to structure and converge on the action plan.

As part of the workshop on the "Gare de Lyon - Gare d'Austerlitz urban cable car" project, Yellow Window created a teaser video to communicate on the initiative as well as on the participative approach.

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