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We support our clients all over  the world  out of our

two design agencies in two European cities that are icons for creativity, Paris and Anvers,  
and our commercial presence
in Bangkok, at the heart of Asia.


Our story 

begins in 1976, when IDEA

(Industrial Design Enthoven Axel)

is founded by Axel Enthoven.

In 1989, the business took on
the form of a design agency

and changed its name to become

Enthoven Associates

Design Consultants.

In 2001, Enthoven Associates merged with Yellow Window Management Consultants to extend its spectrum of activities to services to aid decision-making. This development made us what we are today: a truly multidisciplinary agency.


In 2007,

the French agency was set up under
Yellow Window.

In 2013, Yellow Window became our common name and sole identity for all our product, service and public policy design activities throughout the world.

Our team consists of women and men with different cultures from different walks of life. Its members bring together a spectrum of know-how, expertise and experiences blending creativity, technical skill, economics and social and political sciences.
Our capacity to work in different countries draws on the language skills of our employees, who can express themselves in eight official EU languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Czech), as well as Chinese, Korean and Russian.

It is the multidisciplinary nature of these talented people; their curiosity, their desire to discover new knowledge or ways of doing things, and their creativity in seeking solutions suitable for each specific client or context that make our services excellent.

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