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RATP (Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration)

"Front Office of the Future" 

RATP's motive was to develop a modernized layout of passenger areas, and to rethink welcoming spaces to allow a new service platform for agents in contact with customers.


RATP entrusted Yellow Window with the design of this new reception point concept and its implementation in two pilot stations, Gambetta and Opéra. The goal was to test these design concepts on a real scale in the stations to ensure that the new facilities accommodate both the expectations of customers and the needs of the agents.

2020  - 2021


Yellow Window has designed a new concept of reception, information and sales space that allows a seamless flow of interaction, where human presence meets digital innovation.

Yellow Window's design has focused both on creating a new, modernized traveler experience whilst improving the agent's working environment.

The 5 key motives behind the design:

  • To create a visually more open space

  • Architecting the space to make the different uses legible (human reception, development of the neighborhood, information on the transport network and self-service sales)

  • To encourage the presence of the off-counter agent

  • To improve counter ergonomics

  • To meet the security requirements of the agent's workspace

The concept was tested on two different configurations, angled and linear in the Gambetta and Opéra stations.


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