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"Draisy and Flexy" - Rethinking rural mobility

As part of the TECH4MOBILITY programme led by the SNCF Group’s Technology, Innovation and Group Projects Division, new avenues based on innovation and frugality are being explored to overcome the limited number of trains available on small lines where the relevance of existing rail service is no longer economically viable.


The mission is part of two projects supported by this programme, FLEXY and DRAISY, "very light train" solutions designed to meet mobility needs in rural and sparsely populated areas.


SNCF entrusted Yellow Window with the production of videos to promote the FLEXY and DRAISY projects and to communicate to all internal and external stakeholders, the technological innovation as well as the innovative use of these two concepts.



Yellow Window made sure to produce impactful and self-supporting videos, that could be addressed to various audiences and different situations (trade shows, conferences, TV shows, ...).

Yellow Window made the two videos by mixing different techniques including live-action drone filming, virtual animation, motion design, background sound, ... with the aim to:

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